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Youth Future Foundation was established in 2016. We devote to build a platform on which all young people can develop a unified voice and take collective actions towards social, cultural and environmental progress.

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Children's spring festival gala


We have participated in the "Children's Spring Festival" for three years now. I am grateful to the organizing committee for inviting us for 3 years and to the Children's Spring Festival Gala, which is a grand stage for children to get exercise, enjoy showing and performing. I really hope that the Children's Spring Festival Gala will get better and better!

---- Feier Dance Studio

"Children's Spring Festival" is great and it is an event that the kids look forward to every year! As a parent, I love this special program too! The programs are diverse. It's an eye opener for the kids! Every year I get to see the growth of my children learning Chinese, learning more about Chinese culture and improving their confidence and expression. It is very gratifying! The children especially enjoy participating in this event. Not only they improved their performance skills, but they also learned a lot from the other children, realized their own shortcomings, and got to meet old friends! We look forward to the next Spring Festival Gala for the children!

---- Andrew's Mother