Kelly Hof


Connor Tan 13 years old

Hobbies: fencing, computer programming, drumming, guitar, hosting

Hi, I’m Connor. I was in the Children’s Spring Festival for many years. During all the festivals I’ve been one of the M.Cs speaking to many audiences. I have gained a lot of knowledge, friendships and public speaking skills. These events have truly sparked many flames within me. From my anxiety to my shy personality, these events have truly brought me out of the cocoon that I was hiding in. I look forward to the next festival and whatever awaits ahead of me.

Panya Yu 11 years old


Anna Zou 13 years old

Hobbies: singing, dancing, modeling, hosting, martial arts

Attending the 2018, 2019 and 2020 Children’s Spring Festival as the Mc as well as a dancer, allowed me to learn so much from these experiences. From the bottom of my heart I know the memories that I have made will continue to last for a lifetime. This is the Children’s Spring Festival, and I’m proud to be apart of it!

Andrew Yang Muhlhacher


Claire Jie 11 years old

Hobbies: singing, dancing, hosting, painting

I’ve participated in many festivals and performances, but this one has to be my favourite. Truth is, this was my first taste in the life of being a star and having a good time in a place I never knew existed. On the first meet, we had introduced ourselves and I had made my first friend, for most of the time, we just played and listened to the script, as most of us could not read chinese. I enjoyed the time and the rest of the rehearsals till the last one in which all the teachers and the director were panicking and everybody freaked out , but we surprisingly managed to pull it off with a content audience. This continued every year and every year I had a blast. I hope everyone who wants to try does because the truth is, “Never Try Never Know”, these are wise words said by my mother and father, who took every ounce of their time and energy to volunteer and help out the most they can during the performances.

Haley Hof


Ada Li 17 years old

Hobbies: hosting, vocal, guzheng

Hi, I’m Ada, and I’m the host of the 2019 Children’s Spring Festival. These experiences have been great for me to practice my emergency response skills as well as my communication skills. And this show has allowed me to meet more friends, both my age and younger than me. Also, through the carefully selected program each year, I have become more aware of how many more years there are of Toronto’s elite, which motivates me to work even harder. Thank you so much for this opportunity to be a part of the Children’s Spring Festival, and I hope I get to grow with it!

Ai-Ling Ji 13 years old

Hobbies: sports, painting, hand crafts, science, photography, cooking

The Children’s Spring Festival is a happy event I enjoy celebrating every year! The excitement, hard work, collaboration, and astonishing results truly represent the traditions and culture with the celebration. Everyone is working together to create this magical showcase of talent and joy. I can’t wait for this year’s spring festival!

Mandy 17 years old

Hobbies: singing, dancing, hosting, play with cats, painting

Hello, my name is Mandy. I was very glad to participate in the Spring Festival organized by the Youth Future Foundation, the children’s Spring Festival Gala, and to be served as a host. During the preparation, my partners and I developed our host scripts together, rehearsed for several times in WeChat group. On the day of the gala, everything was going on in an orderly manner. We completed the hosting work and the gala ended successfully as well. In this gala, I saw a variety of talents from the children, and I was also very grateful to see people of different ethnic groups gathered together to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival. For me, I learned how to respond to the situation on the spot. My partners also gave me a lot of help on that. The success of the gala was definitely contributed by the participation of all performers, staff, audience and organizers. The Spring Festival Gala also gave the Chinese living overseas to have the opportunity to experience the tradition in our home country.